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November 2012

Orlando Jewelry Store Experts Explain The Different Diamond Cuts In Their Shop.

Orlando Jewelry Store experts from Avalon Park Jewelers, LLC explain the different diamond cuts to customers who are interested in buying from them. A diamond is supposed to be well cut in order to achieve maximum luminosity. Various cuts have been developed in an attempt to display the properties of these materials. Through shaping a gemstone such that its facets are symmetrically arranged, it will be possible to alter the appearance of the same. The initial shape and size of a stone determines a lot the type of polishing to be applied.

Advancement in technology has assisted in coming up with better ways of polishing. For instance, using computers, it is possible to design and simulate cuts which has improved the already existing designs. It is very easy to get solutions of complicated equations that are calculated at times of balancing the refraction capacities of a given cut. It has been a good idea since polishing began to grade resurfaced stones in reference to a benchmark gemstone.

Diamonds can be utilized in their natural form which is octahedral but polishing them makes them more attractive and adds value to them as well. The first design ever made was an improvement of the natural design and it involved smoothing and aligning of blemished facets. It would also entail coming up with an octahedral stone from from a shapeless one and this was termed as a point cut.

Table type was an improvement of a point cut in which slightly more than a quarter of the octahedron was faced off. The development continued as polishers searched for more attractive shapes and four facets were added to the table design creating the old single one. At around the seventeenth century, the number of facets had grown to twenty one with most concentrated in the upper half. These were referred to as double brilliant and their improvement resulted in a triple cut which had 33 facets on the crown.

As the number of facets is increased, the brightness of a given gemstone also go up. Old European type forms the basic of the modern designs such as fancy and round brilliant. Manufacture of sophisticated designs has been made possible by the availability if better tools such as lathes and saws.

Through the application of mathematics, it is possible to come up with cuts with suitable refraction of white light. Various standards available today are as a result of doing intense calculation which has been made possible by the availability of computers. Refraction index as well as reflection coefficient of the entire volume and the facets, respectively are the major characteristics put into consideration when doing calculations.

Designs that were made in ancient times appear to be primitive to some people and they pay for their stones to be polished again. Orlando jewelry store stocks diamonds with antique cuts for the customers who are still interested in buying them and also to be used in repairing damaged ornaments. As opposed to large stones, a few facets are done on small diamonds so that the brilliance can be noticed by the human eye.

Everyone needs to have enough information concerning a given product before he/she purchases it. The jewelry industry is flawed with many types of cuts and customers have difficulties in deciding what is good for them. Orlando Jewelry Store experts from Avalon Park Jewelers, LLC are wonderful in that they explain the different diamond cuts available and their advantages to potential customers before making a purchase.